Your Child’s Healthcare Team!

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A family-centered medical home is more than an office or clinic. A Medical Home is a team that makes sure you and your family get all of the healthcare and health related services you need. This team includes your family and all of the providers your child sees.

Click here to learn more about the family-centered medical home.

Primary Care Provider

The captain of your Medical Home Team is your child’s Primary Care Provider (PCP).  Click here to find a PCP, or call Customer Service at (303) 751-9021, toll free 1-888-214-1101 or TTY for the deaf or hard of hearing at 1-888-803-4494.

Making the Right Call

Your child's medical home can give you the best information on how to get care for your child.  Click here to download a PDF on making the right call when your child is sick or hurt.

Family-Centered Medical Home Survey

Click here to download a PDF of the Family-Centered Medical Home survey.


Here are helpful links for you and your family.  We will add to this list everytime we find something that we think will be helpful, so check back frequently!

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