Our local communities continue to have more and more people from various geographic areas and diverse cultural backgrounds. A good understanding of these differences can help you to work better in cross-cultural situations. By increasing your level of cultural competence, you can better communicate with people who are different from you. This means more effectively reaching, treating, and understanding your patients.

Here is some information that may be useful:

  • Find Disability Competent Care resources and view videos in the series released by the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing:

1. The Healthcare Experience for People with Disabilities
2. What is Disability Competent Care
3. Core Values of Disability Competent Care
4. Introducing the 3 Pillars of Disability Competent Care
5. Pillar 1 Disability Competent Communication Access
6. Pillar 2 Disability Competent Programmatic Access
7. Pillar 3 Disability Competent Physical Access

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Our Members Matter

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