Diversity Commitment

We are committed to maintaining an environment that respects the perspectives, beliefs and differences of our customers and staff. To this end, we will promote cultural diversity and competency to increase access to care and quality of service. 

Cultural Competency Training Program

Cultural competency goes beyond racial bounds to include gender, sexual orientation, abilities and age. It celebrates the many strengths that people with different backgrounds bring to an organization.

We live in a world filled with people who come from different places and cultural backgrounds. Colorado Access believes these differences should be recognized in order for organizations to be more effective. We offer a free Cultural Competency Training Program for providers to help achieve this end. Understanding your patients and coworkers will enhance the services you provide and improve the effectiveness of your workplace.

The Colorado Access Cultural Competency Training Program is NOT a seminar on race relations and political correctness. Instead it offers a pragmatic approach to understanding and working with differences in the workplace, stemming from:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Culture
  • Socioeconomic level
  • Disability
  • Corporate culture
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation

At Colorado Access, the Cultural Competency Program goals are high. Achieving such high standards is not only worth the effort; we believe it is a necessity.  For more information, please contact us at 800-511-5010.

Culturally Sensitive Services

We recognize that a critical aspect of providing quality healthcare services is to promote culturally sensitive practices through our providers and our staff for diverse populations. To promote this, we have developed training and communication regarding healthcare attitudes, beliefs and practices for our contracted providers. This policy is a commitment to quality services for all of our members. For questions on how to receive training, please call us at 800-511-5010.

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Our Members Matter

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